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Media and Data Protection

Our expertise in media and data protection claims is diverse. We have acted in some of the leading cases in this field for and against celebrities, sports personalities, titans of industry, the clergy and other public figures.

Where a reputation is at stake, it is very often necessary to act swiftly and decisively using a combination of legal expertise, strategy and tactics. Our expertise includes:

  • Defamation (libel and slander) and malicious falsehood, including claims involving the serious harm test under the Defamation Act 2013.
  • Claims brought for media harassment, including in 2020 acting in one of the leading cases in this area.
  • Claims under the Data Protection Act 1998 and 2018, as well as disputes over data subject access requests and the right to be forgotten.
  • Breach of confidence and misuse of confidential information.

We have experience of litigating claims to trial against defendants ranging from social media users and bloggers to the national press and media outlets. We also have substantial expertise of preliminary issue trials, strike out and summary judgment procedures used to rapidly dispose of claims.

Whilst we have considerable litigation experience, many of our cases settle through tactical pressure, negotiation and alternative dispute resolution. As well as damages, clients often achieve the recovery of a substantial proportion of their legal costs in addition to apologies and other agreed actions designed to restore reputations.

We are innovative in the way we fund claims and can, in appropriate cases, risk share with our clients by using conditional fee agreements combined, if required, with after the event insurance to mitigate against the risk of having to pay the opponent’s costs.

Marc Keidan is a force of nature: irrepressibly energetic; absolutely determined to find the right strategic solution; hugely client focused and ever sensitive to the client's commercial (and cost) needs. He is also hugely knowledgeable about misselling claims against banks.

Luke Harrison is a first class tactician, always obtains the best result for his clients. He is incredibly hard working and seems to never run out of energy

Marc Keidan is a charming and charismatic partner. He inspires confidence in his clients.

Luke Harrison is very insightful and has an ability to read into what the other side are thinking, and he has an uncanny ability to know how they will react. He has a fine analytical mind and he is highly respected amongst his peers.

Marc Keidan - truly experienced, fearless and fantastic to work with.

I am always amazed and impressed by Luke Harrison's energy and enthusiasm in respect of each and every case. He always has time for both clients and counsel and always goes the extra mile.

Marc Keidan is well known for knowing pretty much everything that is going on in the litigation arena at any one time. He is a real brain box. He is pragmatic and extremely bright.

Luke Harrison is an inspirational leader and very well known in the market and admired for what he has done.

Meet our specialist team: Media and Data Protection

Marc Keidan
Marc Keidan


Luke Tucker Harrison
Luke Tucker Harrison

Partner & Solicitor Advocate

Laura Code
Laura Coad


Kit Smith
Kit Smith


Srishti Jain
Srishti Jain


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